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March 8th - International Women's day!

Happy Women’s Day !
“Women’s rights are human rights”
Regarding Gender inequality things are as simple as this poster! © Tom Mussak - Gender Equality Now! 2012

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The Journal Frankfurt issue 07/2019 is tackling Gender Inequality!

Relying on Massimo Dezzani's "Read Me" poster, this is a part of what Ronja Merkel, chief editor of Journal Frankfurt says in her editorial article:

"I do not know a woman who hasn't been confronted with sexism and discrimination at some point in her life. I know too many women who have been victims of sexual violence - and kept silent. I feel that the handling of our society, men and women, with these problems is highly disconcerting. On the one hand, the consumption of porn is considered normal, while on the other hand, the female sex organ or menstruation are still taboo. We see ourselves as a progressive economy, but we are debating whether a woman alone is in a position to opt for or against having an abortion.

Feminism is not a Niche topic. The cry for equality is not hysteria and strengthening the woman does not mean castrating the man. We live in the 21st century, gender equality should be a matter of course and its implementation is a task for society as a whole".

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Happy Women’s Day!

“Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change”
At a time when innovation is dominant, shaping and changing the way people live in every part of the world, we have to be intentional about its use to positively impact the lives of women and girls. That means making sure they are not only consumers of innovation, but take their place as innovators. With their engagement, both design and execution of solutions can address the unique needs of women and girls, from the creation of decent work to delivery of products, services and infrastructure for women in all walks of life.
This is Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, UN Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women statement.
We would like to urge everyone to work hard for a world in which women and girls have equal opportunities and rights! This has to happen now! We all should ask our governments to make commitments that will close the gender equality gap.
In 2019, poster for tomorrow is encouraging everyone to get involved setting up exhibitions.
From March 8th and during 30 days several poster exhibitions are taking place across the world. An open air exhibition of Gender Equality edition in partnership with Yves Robert Youth Hostel is also held in Paris.
Poster © Giorgio Bisso - posterfortomorrow 2012

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Happy Women’s Day ! “Women’s rights are human rights”

The fifty-ninth session of the Commission on the Status of Women will take place at United Nations Headquarters in New York from 9 to 20 March 2015.
The Commission will undertake a review of progress made in the implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, 20 years after its adoption at the Fourth World Conference on Women in 1995. The session will also address opportunities for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of women in the post-2015 development agenda.

However, only a handful of states has adopted national action plans, implementation remains weak and women continue to be marginalised in peace negotiations. All over the world, women continue to suffer discrimination and violence. In many countries, discrimination is enshrined in the law : women are refused equal rights in marriage and divorce, to custody of children, nationality, inheritance and land: Women remain massively under-represented in political and other decision-making bodies.

To celebrate International Women's Day, boutique for tomorrow organises an exhibition of «Gender Equality Now!» posters… Read more:

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Waiting for equality? No way! Equality while waiting!
150th Gender Equality Exhibition opening in Frankfurt

In partnership with poster for tomorrow, from 18 to 29 November, Women's Department of Frankfurt City is hosting the exhibition of 100 best Posters supporting Women’s right.

We are proud to announce this specific opening as its main mission is to accompany the European Charter for equality of women and men. They will be on display at a local level and will frame the first national conference of the 35 cities and towns which has so far signed the charter.
The Conference will take place from 26 to 27 of November in Frankfurt.
Since December 2012, this edition has been displayed in 149 different venues around the world. In Frankfurt, this 150th exhibition is held as part of the “Fifty Fifty” program. The designs will be displayed in 18 selected public waiting areas. We invite you to find all venues at:

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Celebrating the 125th Gender Equality Now! exhibition

On 13 May opened a Gender Equality Now! exhibition in Paris held in collaboration with La Poste at their headquarter offices.
The event marks the 125th time that the 100 winning posters were displayed in public since last 10 December premiere, which also took place in Paris.
In the last five months the posters travelled the world several times around, going from Argentina to Zimbabwe.
Although we seldom mention all these events as we don't like too much to boast about it, it seemed a good time to celebrate our most successful exhibition tour so far.

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Time to get busy

Well, everybody connected with poster for tomorrow has been busy all year, but now all that effort will finally come to light. The next few days will be a whirl of exhibitions, publications, debates and congratulations.

We begin in Paris on Thursday the 6th of December with the premiere of our Gender Equality Now! Exhibitions at Les Arts Decoratifs. On this day we'll also launch this year's catalogue and announce the designers of the 100 posters featured in the exhibitions and catalogue.

The next big day is December 10th, International Human Rights Day, on which more than 40 exhibitions will open across the world - click for a complete list of what's happening where. These exhibitions are organised by volunteers - five of whom were arrested for doing so in China, Syria and Iran in 2010. The last of these brave people has just been freed, and we would like to pay tribute to the sacrifice they made to stage these exhibitions. This is the reality of the world we live in and makes us even more determined to keep on going.

This year has been our biggest yet - we received the most entries to the competition, we ran the most workshops and we hope to put on the most exhibitions to date as well. This has all been made possible only through the support of everybody - individuals and institutions – who has been kind and generous to dedicate their time and resources to poster for tomorrow. We thank you all from the bottoms of our heart. To this end, we hope you'll all be pleased to hear that this year we have gained the support of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication who recognize and support our activities.

In case you would like to show your support, please consider ordering a copy of Gender Equality Now! catalogue. Thank you so much!

Finally the theme for the next edition of poster for tomorrow will be announced on January 10th 2013. Onwards and upwards!

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Gender Equality Now! Exhibitions Opening

On October 5th an international jury of renowned graphic designers met in Paris to select the 100 best posters from amongst the 3020 entries received from 105 countries for "Gender Equality Now!" poster design contest.
On December 6th through December 9th, those 100 selected posters will premiere, once again in Paris, at Les Arts Décoratifs.
But we won't stop to the City of Lights. More than other 30 exhibitions around the world have been already confirmed for 10 December 2012, International Human Rights day and second "Day for Tomorrow". From Armenia to Venezuela, from Belgium to the US of A, we managed to cover a lot of countries thanks to the selfless generosity of volunteers scattered around the planet. Please consider to join this group of admirable fellows by organising an exhibition in your own city!
The 6th of December also marks the launch of our 2012 catalogue, featuring the 100 best posters from the contest, reports on all our activities in 2012, including the Draw Me Democracy workshops, insights into what it means to be a female designer from female entrants into the contest, and a preface by Michelle Bachelet. The catalogue, printed by prestigious Studio Fasoli in Verona, Italy, will be available to buy on our website, Amazon and design museums including the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay and Centre Pompidou.

 Download the complete press release in English | French | Spanish

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Host a Gender Equality Now! Exhibition

We're announcing a new call for entries, but this time we're not asking you to design a poster, but a full fledged exhibition!

If you're interested in creating a buzz around gender equality and raise awareness of this global issue in your local community, we invite you to join us in a series of worldwide Gender Equality Now! events by hosting an exhibition in your hometown.

We're looking for schools, designers, professional associations and NGOs to help us delivering a bigger bang next 10 December, "A Day for Tomorrow", when all the participating events will be opened all over the world.
Our hope is that local organisers may build conferences, roundtables and workshops around the event to spark the debate in their communities.  

In case you're interested, please read the detailed call for entries here or drop us an email at exhibitions (at) posterfortomorrow [dot] org.


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The names are out

The 10 grand winners from "Gender Equality Now!" competition are now public. Each of these posters was handpicked by one of our jury members at the end of the voting session. You can see them right at the top of this post in the glorious celebratory photo shot at the end of the voting day, or click here to see them in better detail.

That's not all. For the first time ever, we decided to make available the shortlist of all the 400 poster authors before our worldwide exhibitions and just days after the voting itself.
It wasn't easy to manage all this information and rush it to the public in just a few days, so we hope you'll appreciate the effort.
Without further ado, here is the list of the authors of the 400 shortlisted posters. We invite you cross your fingers and click on the link to see if your name is on it.
For now we're not revealing yet which posters have been included in the 100 best artworks selection - but if your name is there, you stand a fine chance. Good luck!

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Gender Equality Now! jury works getting closer to finish line.

We're very happy to let you know that the online jury operations are now over. Once again, we'd like to thank the 50 women and 50 men who took part in the intimidating task of evaluating an unprecedented 3000+ entries through our renewed voting platform. It takes time and concentration to scan through such a large number of artworks picking out the best ones. We are incredibly grateful to these outstanding professionals. In case you're interested, you can get to know them by clicking here.

The other piece of news is that we're going to publish the result of our jury works on 10 October 2012, by unveiling on this very website the best artworks from "Gender Equality Now!".
10 grand winners, 100 best posters and 400 shortlisted artworks will be displayed on an online gallery in preparation for 10 December 2012, when the second "Day for Tomorrow" events will be held worldwide.

Starting 10 October, it will be possible to pre-order "Gender Equality Now!" catalogue.
The book will feature the best artworks from the competition, a highlight of Draw Me Democracy workshop series best posters, and a preface written by Michelle Bachelet, past president of Chile and Executive Director of UN Women.
Pre-orders will receive a free copy of our 2010 catalogue "Death is Not Justice", in celebration of the International Day Against Death Penalty.

So please save the date and come back here to check the results on 10/10/2012!

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50 men. 50 women. 50 countries. 50 days of voting

Many of you might be curious about the voting operations, which have started since a few days ago.

Hervé and Setareh managed to assemble an impressive team of 100 professionals from fields such as the arts, communication, education but also civil and political activists spread out across the whole world. In case you have a little time to spare, we suggest you to have a peek at the online jury page to check out who they are.

It took a lot of work to select our jurors in order to represent as many different cultures and perspectives as possible, but we think it was worth the extra effort. Quite understandably, given the competition topic, we made sure to balance out the amount of female and male jury members!

Our 100 jurors are going to review the 3000+ entries we received and vote their favourites in order to select the 400 hundred posters that will make up the shortlist. We'd like to thank them all for their precious work, we are really grateful to them for their willingness to dedicate their time to our initiative.

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12 more hours, to give you a little bit extra time to those whom met difficulties!

Many of you had technical issues in uploading their artworks! We're re-postponing the "Gender Equality Now " deadline 12 more hours, to give you a little bit extra time to those whom met difficulties . We would like to make sure that everybody who made the effort of designing a poster will be able to enter it.
In case you need assistance, don't hesitate dropping us a line or writing on our facebook page.
The new deadline is Monday the 16th of July, at midday (12:00), Pacific Daylight time (GMT +6).

Posted by Tommaso Minnetti on July 15th, 2012

Call for entries officially closed!

Minutes ago we closed the call for entries for "Gender Equality Now!" with a brilliant result we owe all to you: 3020 posters received, from 105 countries around the world.

We'd like to thank each one of you for dedicating some of your time to our competition. We're delighted to know that so many of you thought it was a worthy issue and we're sincerely flattered by this overwhelming response, our highest ever.

Now the judging phase will start, first with our online jury preselecting the best works and then with the live jury meeting in Paris to select the final 100 that will make it into our "A day for Tomorrow" exhibitions on December 10 and in our catalogue.
We invite you to visit their pages to know more about them.



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A few tips to design a winning entry

As you know already, the deadline for poster submissions to the current edition of Poster for Tomorrow: "Gender Equality Now!" has been postponed (no pun intended) to the 15th of July.
We imagine that many of you might be refining your artworks before sending them in.
It seems like the perfect time not only to thank you again for the enthusiasm, creativity and support that you showed since we released the call for entries, but also for giving you a few tips about the submission process.?
Here we go:
1) We expect you to submit a single poster for each concept you come up with, i.e. not a campaign composed of multiple subjects or different versions of the same poster concept. Still, you may send up to 10 different entries. By different we mean entries with a different idea, not just a different background colour or a different typeface.
2) The format needs to be the vertical. Landscape entries won't be considered - our exhibition and catalogue are designed to fit vertical posters only, sorry for this limitation.
3) The artwork file must be precisely a 2953x4134 pixels wide JPG at 150DPI, otherwise the uploading may fail.
4) Posters must be judged anonymously and posters with a recognizable name on them could be excluded from the competition. So be humble and avoid putting your name on the poster. 
5) We don't want to influence the judges in any possible way so we decided that poster entries shouldn't feature any logo. Please don't put any logo, even ours, on your poster. 
6) We're awarding only original works designed for this competition only. Please don't send us a poster you designed in the past for a client or for a different competition.
7) Try not to steal your idea from somewhere else! We had many cases of plagiarism spotted by our community in the past. If we don't recognize it, someone else might do it so avoid public shame by having ideas on your own. 
8) If you have any other doubt or if you have already tried to upload your work without success, we recommend you to check again the "How to Enter" page here. 

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"Gender equality now!" deadline postponed 5 days for Sarajevo Film Festival

The 18th edition of the Sarajevo Film Festival will take place on 6-14 July 2012. This important festival program is visited by more than 100.000 people each year.
In partnership with the Council of Europe, poster for tomorrow will host workshops and talks during the Festival.

We'll share more information about this specific activity with you in future posts, but for the moment the most important thing for you to know is that in order to let the Sarajevo Film Festival workshop participants able to participate in the competition we decided to extend the deadline for poster submissions to the current edition of Poster for Tomorrow.

If you want to send in a poster entry for "Gender Equality Now!" contest, Sunday the 15th of July will be the last  useful day to do it!

Please follow our updates to know more about our activities at the Sarajevo Film Festival and how to get your entries ready in time for "Gender Equality Now!" contest.

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Call for entries now open!

March 8th is Woman’s Day across the globe. We really couldn’t think of a better moment to open the call for entries for our 2012 edition, dedicated to the hot issue of Gender Equality. It’s finally time to get started with the creative work!

The condition of women has undergone undeniable improvements during the last century. But these improvements haven’t happened everywhere and even where they have been the strongest, well, they are far from being strong enough.

Gender inequality still lingers unchallenged: it’s one of those things that are hard to see precisely because they are right in front of our eyes.
That’s why we ask all of you to see beyond the status quo and imagine a different future. We need gender equality now, because more opportunities for women are more opportunities for us all.

The jury members of this current edition are:
Majid Abbasi (Iran), Cristina Chiappini (Italy), Gitte Just (Denmark), Maria Kurpik (Poland), Alain Le Quernec (France), Malte Martin (France), Leila Musfy Awad (Lebanon), Carolina Rojas (Colombia), Serge Serov (Russia), Paula Troxler (Switzerland), Rene Wanner (Switzerland) and Guy Schockaert (Belgium) as moderator.

Competition Calendar:
Call for entries open: 8 March 2012
Call for entries close: 10 July 2012
Online jury vote: 20 July - 10 September 2012
Live jury session, Paris: 5 October 2012
Worldwide exhibitions opening: 10 December 2012

Available downloads:
Download the complete call for entries right here and right now.
The brief is also available in a number of languages on the right hand of this page.
If you'd like to read the small prints, please download our contest regulations.

How to upload your poster:
Register to our website and upload your finished designs by logging into your account.
You’ll find the submission form at the botton of your personal account page.
Submissions must be JPG files, 2953x4134 pixels in size, 150DPI in resolution and in RGB colour space.
Files must be smaller than 10mb.

Please note:
To upload your design you’ll need to be registered on our website. You can do that by clicking on the “sign up” button at the top of our page.
Send in your artwork early to avoid last minute problems. Contest deadline is on 10 July 2012.
Do not try to send images in a different size, resolution or file format: the system will not accept your files.
Files larger than 10mb won't be accepted and heavier files in the 8-10mb range will often block our system, if you can't upload your file please try to reduce the export quality settings.

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poster for tomorrow 2012 brief: Gender Equality Now!

We are thrilled to disclose the brief for the new edition of poster for tomorrow: “Gender Equality Now!”

The condition of women has undergone undeniable improvements during the last century. But these improvements haven’t happened everywhere and even where they have been the strongest, well, they are far from being strong enough.?Gender inequality still lingers unchallenged: it’s one of those things that are hard to see precisely because they are right in front of our eyes.
That’s why we ask all of you to see beyond the status quo and imagine a different future.

As for the past, at closing of the call for entries, poster for tomorrow will entrust your artworks to a jury of renowned designers. The best 100 posters will be displayed in multiple locations worldwide opening 10 December, “A Day for Tomorrow”.

But there will soon be plenty of time to deal with the details and also with the novelties of this 2012 edition. Now is the time for the really important stuff.

We need gender equality now, because more opportunities for women are more opportunities for us all.

Competition Calendar:
Call for entries open: 8 March 2012
Call for entries close: 10 July 2012
Online jury vote: 20 July - 10 September 2012
Live jury session, Paris: 5 October 2012
Worldwide exhibitions opening: 10 December 2012

Download the brief (PDF in English)

Brief also available in:


Good luck to everyone!



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This is a teaser announcement!

So here we are again back to our daily routine.
But, when it comes to Poster for tomorrow, the only routine is the constant effort to conceive and organize new inspiring projects.

The 2011 edition of Poster for tomorrow came to a glorious ending with the rolling of the worldwide exhibition tour in December and (we're sure you have already guessed where we are heading here) the new 2012 brief is already on its way.

The topic together with all the other relevant details will be revealed to the world next monday, January 16th. We're extremely excited by the chosen topic, its social and cultural implications and the artistic possibilities it will surely open up. By now we can only anticipate that… ok, just kidding.

You will have to wait until next monday! 

Gender Equality Now!