Relying on Massimo Dezzani's "Read Me" poster, this is a part of what Ronja Merkel, chief editor of Journal Frankfurt says in her editorial article:

"I do not know a woman who hasn't been confronted with sexism and discrimination at some point in her life. I know too many women who have been victims of sexual violence - and kept silent. I feel that the handling of our society, men and women, with these problems is highly disconcerting. On the one hand, the consumption of porn is considered normal, while on the other hand, the female sex organ or menstruation are still taboo. We see ourselves as a progressive economy, but we are debating whether a woman alone is in a position to opt for or against having an abortion.

Feminism is not a Niche topic. The cry for equality is not hysteria and strengthening the woman does not mean castrating the man. We live in the 21st century, gender equality should be a matter of course and its implementation is a task for society as a whole".