The 10 grand winners from "Gender Equality Now!" competition are now public. Each of these posters was handpicked by one of our jury members at the end of the voting session. You can see them right at the top of this post in the glorious celebratory photo shot at the end of the voting day, or click here to see them in better detail.

That's not all. For the first time ever, we decided to make available the shortlist of all the 400 poster authors before our worldwide exhibitions and just days after the voting itself.
It wasn't easy to manage all this information and rush it to the public in just a few days, so we hope you'll appreciate the effort.
Without further ado, here is the list of the authors of the 400 shortlisted posters. We invite you cross your fingers and click on the link to see if your name is on it.
For now we're not revealing yet which posters have been included in the 100 best artworks selection - but if your name is there, you stand a fine chance. Good luck!