As you know already, the deadline for poster submissions to the current edition of Poster for Tomorrow: "Gender Equality Now!" has been postponed (no pun intended) to the 15th of July.
We imagine that many of you might be refining your artworks before sending them in.
It seems like the perfect time not only to thank you again for the enthusiasm, creativity and support that you showed since we released the call for entries, but also for giving you a few tips about the submission process.?
Here we go:
1) We expect you to submit a single poster for each concept you come up with, i.e. not a campaign composed of multiple subjects or different versions of the same poster concept. Still, you may send up to 10 different entries. By different we mean entries with a different idea, not just a different background colour or a different typeface.
2) The format needs to be the vertical. Landscape entries won't be considered - our exhibition and catalogue are designed to fit vertical posters only, sorry for this limitation.
3) The artwork file must be precisely a 2953x4134 pixels wide JPG at 150DPI, otherwise the uploading may fail.
4) Posters must be judged anonymously and posters with a recognizable name on them could be excluded from the competition. So be humble and avoid putting your name on the poster. 
5) We don't want to influence the judges in any possible way so we decided that poster entries shouldn't feature any logo. Please don't put any logo, even ours, on your poster. 
6) We're awarding only original works designed for this competition only. Please don't send us a poster you designed in the past for a client or for a different competition.
7) Try not to steal your idea from somewhere else! We had many cases of plagiarism spotted by our community in the past. If we don't recognize it, someone else might do it so avoid public shame by having ideas on your own. 
8) If you have any other doubt or if you have already tried to upload your work without success, we recommend you to check again the "How to Enter" page here.