Waiting for equality? No way! Equality while waiting!
150th Gender Equality Exhibition opening in Frankfurt

In partnership with poster for tomorrow, from 18 to 29 November, Women's Department of Frankfurt City is hosting the exhibition of 100 best Posters supporting Women’s right.

We are proud to announce this specific opening as its main mission is to accompany the European Charter for equality of women and men. They will be on display at a local level and will frame the first national conference of the 35 cities and towns which has so far signed the charter.
The Conference will take place from 26 to 27 of November in Frankfurt.
Since December 2012, this edition has been displayed in 149 different venues around the world. In Frankfurt, this 150th exhibition is held as part of the “Fifty Fifty” program. The designs will be displayed in 18 selected public waiting areas. We invite you to find all venues at: