Posted by Hervé Matine on January 1st, 2016

100 best posters exhibition in Paris and around the World!

20 days after the opening, Right to healthcare Exhibition of 100 best posters in Paris, We still receive a lot of visitors.
Students from art schools and universities come in groups and enjoy not only the exhibition but also la Halle Pajol!
This year exhibition has been organized in some 35 different cities all around the world from Pakistan to Bosnia, Russia to Canada, Italy, Spain, Morocco, United States …
We will keep you posted with more details concerning more opening in Italy, Mexico, Qatar, India, … in January 2016!

Posted by Lynda De Haan on November 19th, 2015

December 10th | Worldwide Exhibition

Following the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris, poster for tomorrow is more than ever convinced that culture will remain our best mean to help the young generation against the darkness. That is why we are determined to continue our actions and make a contribution to this cause!
Get busy and organise Right to Healthcare exhibition in your city, university, gallery… to show more than ever your solidarity with Paris.
As every year our flagship exhibition will take place in Paris on December 10th during 50 days.

Right to healthcare
Every year 4Tomorrow chooses a basic human right to address. In 2015 it is the universal right to healthcare. Graphic designers from around the world were invited to make posters on this theme – this year the contest received 4980 posters from more than a hundred countries, once again setting a new record.
People don’t have access to the treatment that could save their life even in the world’s wealthiest countries, for financial or logistical reasons. Poster for tomorrow wants to draw attention on this right as it is enshrined in Article 25 of the Declaration of Human Rights. Artists focused on three specific ideas: universal access to healthcare, eradication of immunizable diseases, and access to drinking water.

Right to Healthcare Exhibition: 100 posters, 50 days!
The exhibition of the 100 best posters will take place at the Halle Pajol, in the gallery space of the boutique for tomorrow, Paris. The place was recently extended and we will be happy to receive many more visitors during the 50 days that the exhibition will last, enabling us to engage with the general public with the fight for human rights.

This year and for the 7th year in a row, the best 100 posters will be published in a catalogue in 3 languages that will be launched at the premiere. Designed in a playful and original way, it contains a foreword by Zsuzsanna Jakab, regional director of WHO for Europe. A pre-order page will soon be announced on our website.

Day for Tomorrow
10 December 2015, will be the 5th “Day for Tomorrow”. That day, International Human Rights Day, will see the launch of “Open up” exhibitions around the world.

Read our press release in pdf here

Posted by Hervé Matine on November 15th, 2015

Universal access to healthcare | Worldwide exhibitions soon!

pdf version here

We are speechless! But Paris will survive stronger than ever...

Awareness against darkness! Promoting awareness is fighting hate. We need to take care of human rights. Poster for tomorrow’s heart goes out to Paris!

Universal access to healthcare | Worldwide exhibitions soon!

We are happy to announce  an exceptional “Avant premier“ of our 100 best posters of Right to Healthcare.

This avant premier exhibition is going to take place 2 weeks before our worldwide opening November 23rd until December 28th, during which thousands of visitors will have the opportunity to see the exhibition.

The idea is based on a partnership with Ibero-american Design Biennial in Madrid [BID] organized by Diseño Madrid Foundation and Association of Designers of Madrid and [DIMAD]. 6th BID Meeting of Ibero-american Design Training Centres, is an Educational and Design platform to bring reflections, innovations and change to academic training system.

This year, we had to work hard! Harder than all our six previous edition! We have received a huge number of contribution! 4980 posters from all over the world. Again a new record in our history.
Right to healthcare Exhibition Premiere of 100 best posters will take place on Thursday December 10, at boutique for tomorrow, Halle Pajol in Paris, inside the new extended space of boutique for Tomorrow and it will last 50 days.
As every year, we are working on our (surprising) book, which contains the best 100 posters with a foreword written by Dr, Zsuzsanna Jakab, Regional Director of WHO Regional Office for Europe.
A pre-order page will soon be announced on our website.

Posted by Hervé Matine on October 9th, 2015

Our Live jury has just finished the selection of 100 best poster of 2015 edition!

This was at the end of this afternoon, October 9th at Poster for tomorrow headquarter in Paris.
"Right to Healthcare" top 10 designers in alphabetical order are:
Dariush Allahyari | Iran, Eva Chan | Belgium, Baron Chau | Australia, Leslie Chuquin | Ecuador, Elham Hemmat | Iran, Janani Iyer | India, Dhiya Khairina | South Korea, Martin Martinez | Canada, Selcuk Ozis | Turkey and Baowen Zhang | China
Click here to have a closer view.

The 100 posters selected by our jury will be exhibited around the world on December 10th "a day for tomorrow" to celebrate the International Human Rights Day.

Posted by Lynda De Haan on September 11th, 2015

Online Jury | Universal Right to healthcare preselection mission is perfectly accomplished!

We're pleased to inform you that the online jury shortlisting work is now finished. Once again, we'd like to thank our 50 women and 50 men team. They had to evaluate,an unprecedented 4980 entries received from all over the world. That needed a lot of time and concentration to go through such a large number of artworks.
We are incredibly grateful to these outstanding professionals. In case you're interested, you can get to know them by clicking here.
We're now getting ready to print these 400 posters for our live jury team, taking place in Paris on October 9th.

Posted by Hervé Matine on July 21st, 2015

Right to Health online jury started!

Since Monday our 100 jurors have started to review all the received entries. It’s a very tough and time consuming mission. They have 50 days for voting their favorite posters (September 10th). Thanks to their work we will have our 400 hundred shortlisted posters. We'd like to thank them all for their precious work, we are really grateful to them for their willingness to dedicate their time to our initiative.
Here is the team:

Posted by Hervé Matine on July 13th, 2015

The competition for the 7th edition of poster for tomorrow is now closed!

We’re pleased to announce that we received 4980 posters, yet another increase on last year’s total of 4301. We would like to extend a big hand to everyone who took the time to enter a poster: Thank you! And good luck!

If you’re interested in facts, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’re currently preparing an infographic report with the figures from the last 7 years that will be free to download.

For now we’ll just say that in this year’s contest 53% of the posters were made by men, 47% by women. Thank you all!

As most of our loyal followers will be aware, all the posters will shortly be sent to our online jury of 100 designers,professionals in the human rights field, museum curators, art professors, media journalists, partners, NGO’s representatives, institutions and foundations, who will choose the shortlist from which our live jury will choose the final posters later this year.

Posted by Bettina Jäger on July 9th, 2015

3 more Days! Call for entries deadline extended.

72 hours for the Universal Right to Healthcare! To check if your entires are properly finalized; to give a chance to anyone who meets technical issues; to give everyone enough time to get their posters in.
Your artwork without a title is not a valide work! 
The new deadline is Monday the 13th of July, at midnight (23:59), Pacific Daylight time.

In case you need assistance, don't hesitate dropping us a line or writing on our facebook page.
Good luck to all of you!

Posted by Hervé Matine on July 5th, 2015

Right to Healthcare | Online Jury

An amazing team of 100 designers, teachers, professionals of communication, representatives of NGO's social and political activists from across the whole world are getting ready to help us short linsting 400 posters .

In case you would like to know who they are, we suggest you to have a peek at the online jury page to check out.

It took a lot of work to select our jurors in order to represent as many different cultures and perspectives as possible, but we think it was worth the extra effort.

We will keep you posted with more information just a few days before start working.

Posted by Bettina Jäger on July 2nd, 2015

8 Days To Go!

You have until July 10 to shout your voice to for the Universal Right to Health and Universal access to Healthcare!

It’s the perfect time for us to thank everyone for the enthusiasm, creativity and support that you showed since we released the call for entries,
We would like to give you a few tips about the submission!

Here we go:
1) Submit one poster for each concept you come up and do not make different versions of the same poster concept. In case you plan to submit more than one poster, you may send up to 10 different entries. By different we mean entries with a different idea, not just a different background colour or a different typeface.
2) The format needs to be the vertical. Landscape entries won't be considered - our exhibition and catalogue are designed to fit vertical posters only, sorry for this limitation.
3) The artwork file must be precisely a 2953x4134 pixels wide JPG at 150DPI, otherwise the uploading may fail.
4) Posters must be judged anonymously and posters with a recognizable name on them could be excluded from the competition. So be humble and avoid putting your name on the poster.
5) We don't want to influence the judges in any possible way so we decided that poster entries shouldn't feature any logo. Please don't put any logo, even ours, on your poster.
6) We're awarding only original works designed for this competition only. Please don't send us a poster you designed in the past for a client or for a different competition.
7) Try not to copy your idea from somewhere else! We had many cases of plagiarism spotted by our community in the past. If we don't recognize it, someone else might do it so avoid public shame by having ideas on your own.
8) Give a title to your artwork, plus a  short description!
9) Don’t publish it on internet or you personal social network pages
10) If you have any other doubt or if you have already tried to upload your work without success, we recommend you to take look here

Take a few minutes to connect into your personal page, review it, complete it as much as you can, upload a portrait of yourself.
If you like what we're doing that's the best way to show your love!

Posted by Lynda De Haan on June 18th, 2015

22 Days!

That's all you've got left to enter this year's competition on the right to universal access to healthcare, supported by the World Health Organization.

If you haven't already, you can download the brief here: download

The deadline is midnight on Friday 10 July (CET) - but as our server gets very busy around deadline time, please make sure you upload your poster in plenty of time. Good luck!

We've some exciting news about workshops to announce at the weekend - but don't let that distract you. Go go go

Posted by Lynda De Haan on April 7th, 2015

Today is World Health Day!

Today, just like every day, almost 800 women will die from preventable complications during childbirth.
They are among the 1 billion people that the World Health Organization estimates that currently lack access to basic health care. Without this healthcare, people run the risk of contracting easily preventable diseases or fall into poverty trying to acces it. This must stop.

This year poster for tomorrow is campaigning for the universal right to healthcare. This is vital as health is the first step in escaping poverty - it’s only when people are healthy that they can go to school or work. Please help us fight inequality and make a poster to add your voice to our call for action!
Read the brief here.


Posted by Lynda De Haan on March 10th, 2015

Our 2015 Call for Entries Open

“Universal access to healthcare now!”
We are pleased to announce that this year’s call for entries, “Universal access to healthcare now!” is officially open. Now, you have until Friday the 10th July to enter the contest and submit your poster entries to our website at

The full brief is also available for download in English, French and Spanish languages at this URL:

We would also like to thank Lauren Rolwing for her illustrations and support for this year campaign.
You can appriciate her sharp shiny and colorful works here.

Posted by Bettina Jäger on January 13th, 2015

2015: “Open Up! "

It’s now customary for us to publish the theme for our annual competition simultaneously with the start of the second semester of the academic year. So, for all the teachers and students out there who have been waiting for it, as well as for all the rest of our designer friends, here it is. 

For poster for tomorrow, 2015 will be the year we demand universal access to health care.  
We invite you to download and read the full text of our press release to know more.

 From today it’s time to start looking for ideas and inspiration for your poster entries. To help you out with the task, look out for the official brief, that will be published on 10 March, and more content that we will release through the rest of the year. 

The announcement is available in various languages, and more will be provided as they get ready. If your language is available, please spread the link through your social networks and let your friends know about the competition, thank you! 

Competition Calendar

10 March: Call for entries open.
10 July: Call for entries close.

20 July: Online jury works open.
10 September: Online jury works close.

10 October: Live Jury works in Paris.

10 December: Competition results published & Worldwide exhibitions open.

Right to healthcare