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We are speechless! But Paris will survive stronger than ever...

Awareness against darkness! Promoting awareness is fighting hate. We need to take care of human rights. Poster for tomorrow’s heart goes out to Paris!

Universal access to healthcare | Worldwide exhibitions soon!

We are happy to announce  an exceptional “Avant premier“ of our 100 best posters of Right to Healthcare.

This avant premier exhibition is going to take place 2 weeks before our worldwide opening November 23rd until December 28th, during which thousands of visitors will have the opportunity to see the exhibition.

The idea is based on a partnership with Ibero-american Design Biennial in Madrid [BID] organized by Diseño Madrid Foundation and Association of Designers of Madrid and [DIMAD]. 6th BID Meeting of Ibero-american Design Training Centres, is an Educational and Design platform to bring reflections, innovations and change to academic training system.

This year, we had to work hard! Harder than all our six previous edition! We have received a huge number of contribution! 4980 posters from all over the world. Again a new record in our history.
Right to healthcare Exhibition Premiere of 100 best posters will take place on Thursday December 10, at boutique for tomorrow, Halle Pajol in Paris, inside the new extended space of boutique for Tomorrow and it will last 50 days.
As every year, we are working on our (surprising) book, which contains the best 100 posters with a foreword written by Dr, Zsuzsanna Jakab, Regional Director of WHO Regional Office for Europe.
A pre-order page will soon be announced on our website.