How can I enter my design into the competition?
First of all you have to register (for free) on our website. Look for the "SIGN UP" link in the top left corner of the menu bar. Once you have created your account and you're logged into the website, a "MY ACCOUNT" link page will be available from the top menu bar. Click that link to access your own account page, where you will be able to manage your submissions. Registering is the only way to ensure your artwork will be entered into the competition.

Is there any registration fee?
No. poster for tomorrow is completely, absolutely, 100% free to enter!

We are a team, can we enter too?
Yes, but I'm afraid you'll have to register as individual. Each member of your team will have to open an account in his/her own name. When they upload your entries you will be able to add the names of the rest of the team in the submission form.

We are a design studio, can we enter too?
Yes, you're more than welcome to participate, but as a creative team or individual, not as a design studio. So if you're an individual, please enter the contest in your own name. If you're a creative team, please register as normal, then you will be able to add the names of the rest of the team in the submission form when uploading your entries.


How many designs can I enter in the competition?
You can submit up to 10 posters. This limit is for technical reasons more than anything else, but we feel 10 posters is more than enough to give your creativity as much space as it might need.

When does the competition close?
The competition closes on July 10th, 2015. The closing time for submissions is on July the 10th, 2015 (noon pacific daylight time).

What languages is the call for entries available in?
You can see the list of languages in which the call for entries is available in the lefthand column on the home page. A group of volunteers from around the world is helping us to translate it in many other languages, so it might be available very soon. Please come back to check to see if your language becomes available.


What are the design requirements?
The designs must be previously unpublished. They must not include any material protected by copyright. The designs must be portrait (vertical) format posters.

What are the file specifications for the posters?
The file must be a RGB colour space, JPG format picture, 2953x4134 pixels in size and 150DPI in resolution.

Can I submit designs that contain text in languages other than English?
Yes. We encourage you to express yourself freely, which is always done best in your mother tongue.

Does my poster have to use the brief's text as title or body copy?
No, the brief is there to inspire you, not to provide you with content, so please do not feel obliged its text in your design. If you want to use it, fine. If you want to use your own words, even better.

Do I have to include a logo in my design?
No, you don not have to include any logo in the artwork. Not from our endorsing charities, nor poster for tomorrow itself.


Rights and ownership of posters entered in our competition belong to our participants. Participants are agree that poster for tomorrow has an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free, worldwide licence to use, copy, exhibit, publicly display and distribute their submitted entry for any activity, as well as institutions, NGO, or companies that are associated or sponsored poster for tomorrow’s activities.
All other kind of use will be specifically notified to the participant and a mutual agreement based on a written authorization. A fee or a royalty, as eventually agreed with the participants will be refund to the artwork owners. Participants are granted and guaranteed the right to be credited every time their entry is used. The name and surname will be mentioned closed to the used artwork.


I love what you do. How can I help?
Thank you. We love you too! Please make sure you share the documents or any promotional material you find on our website with anyone else you think may be interested. There's a "SHARE" button at the end of each page or article to do exactly that. You can also share with your friends the information we publish on Facebook and Twitter. If you're not following us on those social networks, please join us. If you'd like to do more than that, by either becoming a member of our foundation, or hosting an exhibition or workshop, just drop us an email telling us how would you want to help us. We'd love to hear from you