The project intends to raise awareness amongst young generation, to strengthen CSOs active in human rights subjects. CSOs need to be provided with the latest communication tools to improve their capacity in efficiently getting their message across to governments.
To do so, 4 Tomorrow organizes  a 3 days workshop on graphic design, social communication and advocacy advertising together with debates on the main topic of year. All these activities create an exchange platform and give place to local CSOs active in human rights to better develop their actions. It will also encourage people in participation in civil and civic actions and democratic practices. At the end of each workshop, the created posters will be displayed in an exhibition open to public. This exhibition will also be an opportunity to exchange on and around the raised subjects.

The program will be 3 days long and has 3 main steps:
1) DEBATE: It will take place on the first day of each workshop. 4 Tomorrow invites speakers and animators such as psychologists, doctors, anthropologists as well as NGOs specialized on women issues to stimulate the debate. Based on the raised questions and the specific problems in each country, the tutor will define together with the students the main axe of the workshop.
These sessions will help the participants to have a better understanding of the local problematic and initiate an innovative format leading to strong posters creation.

2) 3 DAYS-DESIGN WORKSHOP: It aims to bring up-to-date communication tools to both designers and CSOs active in Cityzenship behaviors and attitude, women empowerment. Each workshop will be made up for 20 to 25 participants: 15 to 20 students, 5 to10 CSO members who are asked to produce posters based on the 1st day debate. Experimented designers, specialized on social communication from other regions of the world are invited to animate the workshops in order to create a rich cultural melting pot and exchange.

3) POSTER EXHIBITION: The created posters will be displayed in a public place. The opening would be on the last day of the workshop and it will last for a minimum of 7 days.
This exhibition will be an opportunity to bring raised topics to a larger audience.
Tutors will assess the quality of the created posters and participants’ progress in a report in order to improve the program for the next edition at the end of the workshop.
4 Tomorrow together with its local coordinator will promote project by organizing the poster exhibition in other cities.