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Fake News book

 Less than 200 copies available!
148 Pages, printed in 4 colours + Gold, in square format published in 4 languages, many thanks to Kares Le Roy...

Fake News BOOK is here now!

Celebrating our 11th edition, we, once more pushed barriers to give Fake News the best contribution possible!
This limited edition is printed...

100 posters fighting fake news

100 posters fighting fake news
The best 100 posters from last year’s competition ‘Fake News /2020 vision’ will be published online this...

TOP 10

From top left: Moises Romero - Mexico, Zlatan Dryanov - Bulgaria, Christopher Scott - Ecuador, Mattia Pedrazzoli - Italy, Rashid Rahnama - Iran,...

Deadline Extended 24 more hours!

Read what Patrick George Zaki wrote in a letter from the Egyptian prison to his family and let your creativity get drunk!
"Let people know I'm here...