Patrick Zaki has returned to the University of Bologna! 
“Utopia is achievable”, as Professor Monticelli said on July 24th, “one of the characteristics of utopia and dystopia, even the worst, is always hope.” We’ve never lost it and today we’re here celebrating Patrick”.

Patrick’s joy is the joy of the whole University of Boologna community, of those who defend basic civil rights and strongly believe that together we can create a better world.
We are listening Patrick:

“I’m finally here! It’s a dream come true after all these years. I don't think there are words in any language that can describe how I feel today. It's a great feeling to be back in the University and the City where I belong to".

We are really happy and proud of our involvement in Patrick's cause!
Congratulations and big thanks to all those involved in this noble matter!
Big thanks to our dear Riccardo Noury and “conversazioni sul futuro“