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We’re sorry that we’ve been so quiet. We send you all our best wishes, and thank you for your patience. While you have been waiting for updates on our poster competition, we have been busy doing (other) right things.
The Woman, Life, Freedom movement that started in September 2022 has had a huge impact on many rules and restrictions in Iran. The Iranian government has continued to clamp down violently on any acts of dissent, which it has portrayed as "riots" instigated by foreign enemies. According to local human rights activists, nearly 500 protesters have been killed and over 18500 others detained. Critics say the regime has taken capital punishment to a new level, with several death sentences recently handed down to protesters. Even though the situation in Iran has become tense - and tough - we believe there is still hope.
We have been trying to help where we can by working with national and international organisations to provide six young Iranians with medical care in the USA. These young people were in desperate need of medical attention after being injured by bullets in their eyes, faces, and in some cases, entire bodies. Together with our partners we helped them travel to the USA where they received surgical operations. 
But now our attention is fully on the poster competition. The creators of the 300 shortlisted posters, and the 100 finalists, for this year’s edition will soon receive an email confirming their selection. The catalogue for ‘Do the right thing’ is now being prepared, and will be released during the exhibition later in the year. We can also announce that this year’s exhibition will launch during France Design Week (7 to 28 September 2023). Exact dates will follow as soon as possible.
Speak to you soon!
The poster for tomorrow team.
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