In the classroom

Each workshop will be held by a design educator for a group of 5-10 NGO/CSO representatives And a group of 15-25 students. Our educators developed a well defined structure for the classroom work to maximize its benefits for the participants.

1st Phase | Research
For starters you will receive a brief, with all the information regarding the project. The instructor will show examples of relevant work and you will be asked to engage in you own research to fill in the blanks. This is the time to come forth with all the questions you might have.

2nd Phase | Creative Work
In this stage you will begin the actual creative work for your poster. Here are a few examples of the activities in which you will probably be involved: the creation of a conceptual map, rough sketches, the identification of rhetorical figures to generate ideas for your design, fine sketching, color, typography and composition tests.

Final Phase | Sharing
As soon as the posters are finished, the works will be displayed and discussed in class. This interactive step will likely include exchanges outside the classroom, possibly through the use of social media. Approaching the end of the workshops you will have to ask yourself which were the best and most useful moments, whether the activities were successful or not and what could be improved.