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Light pollution caused by excessive nighttime lighting is a growing concern for many countries. As the skyscrapers and residential area glow stronger, our natural sky is losing its time to shine. Besides the noticeable change of the night sky, light pollution affects us without warning. With such strong artificial light, our biological circadian rhythm is disrupted which can lead to many health problems such as sleep disorder, anxiety, and depression. Wildlife around us is heavily affected as well, as they rely on day-night pattern to survive. Furthermore, the amount of energy being used to create these lights is undoubtedly tremendous. The poster at first sight portrays a skyline with buildings shining brighter than the night sky. The upside down title provokes confusion to the viewer which encourages them to look at the poster once more upside down. Now the viewer can see the glowing stars with no lights of the building. I wanted to convey a message that light pollution is reversible and our mother nature can shine again by simply turning off the light.
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Light Pollution


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