Exhibition Policy
Paris based non profit organisation "4 Tomorrow" is calling for educational institutions, museums, art galleries and graphic design fans around the world to host events as part of "A Day for Tomorrow" initiative.
Participating parties are asked to organise public exhibitions of the 100 best artworks selected by our jury from 2014 Poster for Tomorrow competition, which asked designers to come up with engaging visual solutions to address the Right to Work issue.
Participation is open to any private or public organisation that could provide a location to display the posters. The following policies will help you to understand if you and your organisation might be able to be part of the initiative.

Events date and duration
"A Day for Tomorrow" takes place on 10 December 2013. Organisers are required to provide public access to the exhibition on that day and for a minimum of two days. Exhibitions may open to the public from one week before December 10, and may stay open after December 10 for as long as organisers would like to.

Displaying requirements
In case of space constraints, organisers may display posters printed in a format smaller than the recommended 50x70cm size, such as A3 or A4. It's compulsory for organisers to display all of the 100 selected artworks and a few extra informational posters provided by 4 Tomorrow. If exhibition space doesn't allow to do so, part of the posters may be projected or shown on large displays, up to 50 posters. Organisers may not display poster artworks which aren't provided by 4 Tomorrow during the event, but they are free to host talks, workshops, concerts and any other activity that may enrich the event as a whole.

Poster prints
Organisers that would like to print the posters by their own means, will be provided with the digital files in high resolution for free. Organisers are asked to print the posters in suitable quality for display purposes. The advised printing size is 50x70cm, but organisers may print the posters at a smaller size in case of space constraints.
Thanks to our partners, we are able to supply organisers with fine art quality grade poster printouts for a discounted price. You will be charged for the posters printing and an extra for delivery costs, which will vary depending on your location.
In both cases, we'd kindly ask you to confirm your participation as soon as possible to allow for artwork to be shipped either digitally or as a parcel on time.

Previous "Poster for Tomorrow" exhibitions
This exhibition policy is only valid for "A Day for Tomorrow" events to take place next 10 December 2014. Organisers that would like to use posters from past "Poster for Tomorrow" editions such as "A Home for Everyone", "Gender Equality Now… or any of our  poster collections may get in touch with us for further arrangements. The display of past exhibitions is subject to a fee.

Interested? We'd like to hear from you. Please send your inquiries to exhibitions
Thank you very much!