How can I enter a poster to Poster for tomorrow?
Artwork must be sent as a digital file through a SUBMIT page that will be available on this website from the 3rd of September 2009 (PLEASE NOTE: it’s not available right now, it will be added during the day). This is the only way to ensure artwork will be considered by our jury. Once this page is online, participants’ registration will be done via the submission form. It will also specify the artwork file requirements.

How many posters can I submit?
You’re welcome to submit as many posters as you wish!

When does the contest close for entries?
The contest deadline is November the 15th, 2009.
Submissions will be accepted until Noon (CET time) on that date.

Is there any registration fee?
No. Participation to the contest is completely free. The contest is organized on a non-profit, voluntary basis. For this reason, we do not ask any for any entry money, and for the same reason we do not offer any monetary prizes.

Is the Call for Entries available in any language rather than English?
Unfortunately not at the moment, but we’re thinking of translating the material for this contest to French and Farsi in the near future.

Can I submit artwork with copy not written in English?
Yes. There are no limitations or specifications of any kind concerning copy language in our regulations.
We hope to receive ideas strong enough to transcend language barriers and touch values common to all humanity.

Does my poster have to use the same words as the “message” of the brief?
No, you are by no means obliged to use the same words and furthermore you don’t have to limit yourself to what the message is about. If you can find a different way to address the brief, then include  it in your poster. Please never forget you should always be consistent with the brief.

What are the artwork specifications?
The artwork must be a previously unpublished, vertical 50×70cm poster.
File specifications are 2953×4134 150DPI RGB JPG (not progressive), no larger than 4MB.

What are the artwork requirements?
There are no specifical requirements for the artwork content although it must be free of copyrights.

Should I add the Reporters sans frontieres logo?
No, it’s not necessary to include any logo in the artwork. Reporters sans frontieres is only endorsing Poster4Tomorrow- an initiative that has been inspired by Iranian citizens and designers.

What else does an entry consist of?
Apart from the artwork, your entry must include a black and white picture of you and a brief written statement on either:
a) an explanation of the concept behind the poster,
b) a description of your thoughts or feelings about freedom of expression.
This could be a quote or anything that inspired you to produce the poster.

What should I include as a description of my entry?
Feel free to include anything that might help clarify your idea and the concept behind it. It can be your own words, a quote, a poem or your personal opinion about freedom of expression.
The copy should be no more than 800 characters long. Please try to send the copy in English, it makes our work much easier.

What if I don’t include a picture or a written statement?
Then we apologise, but your proposal won’t be considered for entry.

What are the photo specifications?
The photo file must be black and white, 1063×1597 300DPI RGB JPG (not progressive) and no larger than 2MB.

Can we register as a team?
If you are working as a team, you can register your entry with up to 4 names. Please make a photo of the whole team and use it for your entry registration.
If you are working on your own, please leave the entry form completely blank in the part regarding the team.

Can I spread the word about the contest?Yes, please do. If you are interested in Poster4Tomorrow you’re warmly invited to put news about it on your blog, website, magazine – wherever you want.
Please try to include these elements: our logo and a link to our website. Thank you.