Reducing the carbon footprint of our judging process

To reduce our carbon footprint we will organise our live judging sessions to coincide with a international design event. In this way we can assemble the jurors without asking them to make another significant  journey. This year the judging will take place in Lecce, Italy in partnership with "Conversazioni sul futuro",  We are very grateful for the festival's support.

The Festival "Conversazioni sul futuro", a project by the association "Diffondiamo idee di valore" with the coordination of Gabriella Morelli, will take place in Lecce from 22 to 25 October 2020. Each year it offers around 100 events in four days in thirty places in the Apulian city, involving over 250 guests. Since 2013, "Conversazioni sul futuro" tells with a variety of topics (education, science, food, journalism, communication, human rights, innovation, economics, web, environment, design, sport, migration, history, television, politics), languages ​​(cinema, music, theater, art, books, photography, drawing) and points of view (involving intellectuals, journalists, entrepreneurs, scientists, activists, bloggers, researchers, musicians, teachers, writers, directors, artists, communicators, designers, educators, administrators public, scholars and students) the contemporary world and what will come. Info