Mary Pennington

United States

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I redesigned this refugee poster to support Ukraine and its people, having to flee the safety and warmth of their homes. Many of them had to flee so quickly, they have nothing but a bag, if that. They are now refugees of an unprovoked war on their people and land. No War! I stand with Ukraine.
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We Stand With Ukraine

We Stand With Ukraine

There is little that we can say about the horrendous situation in Ukraine that might make a difference. But we hope there is something that we can do to help.

To show our solidarity with Ukraine, we offer our platform to receive all the posters made by designers across the world addressed to this cause. By hosting these posters on our database, we hope the posters will get increased visibility and form a resource that people going to demonstrations around the world can use to show their solidarity for Ukraine.

For more information / If you would like to upload a poster, see the project page on our website.



All I Have Is Hope

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