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Based on a very popular board game. Snakes and letters is a collection of fragments depicting the problematic inside my country (México). A broken board where rules don’t work the way we have been told. That’s the reason why, we can find ladders that not always make you go up and snakes with the ability to take you higher than you ever thought. “Snakes and ladders” is a social critic that explores the nonsense inside the world we live in. A shout of rage looking for a place where it can be heard. Taking elements based on the Mexican Handcraft and redefining them to express the historical moment we are living now. Repression, violence, work exploitation, injustice and many other topics, are covered inside this poster, enriched with a lot of symbols, just waiting to be discovered. But no matter how bad things may be, it is still possible to find characters that keep fighting in the search of a better place.
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Snakes and ladders


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