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The prevailing economic conditions in the world, have stolen the dreams of childhood. It is increasingly common for children from engaging in activities for adults suffering psychological and physical abuse. Las condiciones económicas preponderantes en el mundo, han robado los sueños de la niñez. Cada día es más común que los niños sean empleados en actividades para adultos, sufriendo abusos psicológicos y físicos.
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Work Right!

We all have the right to work without discrimination or exploitation of our gender, age, nationality or physical condition. 

We all have the right to work for a wage that is fair reward for our labour and that will enable us to support ourselves and our families.

The right to work protects us from child labour, gender and age discrimination and exploitation in all its forms. It entitles us all to the same opportunities, benefits and protection from exploitation or malpractice.


Children must play

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