We're not used to boast our achievements, and indeed this note doesn't intend to do so, but please let us share with all of you our joy and happiness in seeing the closing of a very special day: our first day for tomorrow.

Despite the difficulties and the inevitable shortcomings which we became familiar with as we were running this project, for us it was a success. That's because many of the 30 exhibitions we managed to get organised around the world, are in countries which are seldom part of the graphic design discourse. For this reason, we hope to have started a dialogue that will continue in the future to include new players in an industry that is in dire need to redefine its scope and ambitions.

Moreover, we were able to shed some light on a topic such as the Right to Education. There's a strong need for us to be aware of this problem and its consequences, which limits people's potential in the South as well as in the North of the world.

Our wish is that the posters that we collected in the exhibitions and the book will fuel debate - hopefully not only within the graphic design circle, but in civil society as a whole.
In the next few days we'll try to share with you what we achieved today by pictures and more so please keep tuned!