This year's catalogue is here, and pre-orders will enjoy a special discount!

As it's our five year anniversary, we've pulled out all the stops to make something extra special.

There are two volumes: posters and photos. The posters volume features the 100 best posters from this year's contest, the photo volumes features photo reportages on homelessness from Bolivia, Colombia, USA and India.

The catalogue's design aims to bring home the reality of homelessness: no protection from the elements except for cardboard, and without this basic form of cover, the book will quickly lose its shine, crease and pick up dirt, just like anything or anyone abandoned on the street.

The catalogue is priced at €40 shipping not included.
All orders made before 10 December receive a 10% discount (35€ + shipping), while student pre-orders qualify for a 25% discount (30€ + shipping).