"Draw me Democracy!" draws to a close with a final exhibition in Geneva hosted at the United Nations headquarters.

Opening on 4 April, a selection of the most interesting artworks produced during the 16 workshops will be displayed, ending on 26 April 2013. Details about the event are available at the United Nations Democracy Fund Facebook page, click here in case you would like to know more.

We marked this important occasion by publishing a 192 pages book, printed by Escourbiac, containing the 100 best posters as selected by a jury panel comprising the same instructors that held the 16 workshop.

The book is enriched by a photographic report of the 16 workshops.

poster for tomorrow will work to organise an exhibition in each of the participant countries in the coming months.

In case you would like to host a "Draw Me Democracy!" exhibition in your city, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.