We are pleased to announce that poster for tomorrow’s 12th edition, “DO THE RIGHT THING”, is now officially open.
Thanks to Armando Milani, the campaign now has its own logo, which we are very happy with. Grazie Armando!
Now the contest is open you have until Friday June 10th to submit entries via our website.
The full brief (in several languages), together with tips and competition regulations, is available to download on our website. Click here to access the project menu.

Live Jury
In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we will once again the live judging session in Lecce, Italy. This year it will take place at (insert venue name) on September 22-25, thanks to the generous support of «Conversazioni sul futuro».

Partners & supporters

French Ministry of Culture

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR/UN Human Rights)ʉ۬
La Ville de Paris

Ecole Intuit-Lab

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