A Home for Everyone

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Book specifications
Size: 180x250 mm.
Weight: 800 gr.
Pages: 276 (214 pages for volume 1 + 64 pages for volume 2)
Cover: Naked (no cover) + Cardboard slip-case open on two sides. I
nside: 90gr. uncoated paper and 150gr. coated paper.
Printed in 4 colours.

Quick Overview
THE BOOK The book is composed of two volumes which come in a cardboard box. The cardboard box is printed in 1 colour using an engraved stamp and features an illustration by Paula Troxler. Both volumes have no cover, they are "naked", the saddle-stiched (sewn) binding is visible on the spine. They come in a roomy 18x25cm format. The poster volume is 214 pages long, while the photo volume is 64 pages long. The poster volume is vertical, while the photo volume is horizontal - the size is the same for both. The design idea has been sparked by the condition of the homeless: the book has no durable protection (cover), but only a makeshift shelter made using cardboard. The book will quickly lose its shine when left outside the box, because exposed pages will crease and get dirty, which is exactly what happens to homeless people. You'll have to take extra care for it!
The book opens with a foreword written by Joan Clos, the Executive Director of UN Habitat. Apart from the 100 best posters from "A Home for Everyone", the book includes extra large folded pages presenting a project timeline spanning from 2009 to 2013, which celebrates our 5 years of activity. On the timeline are featured several previously unpublished images and facts, including an article on the mysterious 100th member of the online jury. The second volume includes professional photo reportages which were contributed by, amongst others, Juan Arredondo and the San Francisco Chronicle. These pictures show what it means to be homeless or to live in substandard housing conditions in parts of the world such as Bolivia, Colombia, India and the US.