Lino Guillermo Quirós Hernández


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We all should be as free as anyone in the world to go anywhere we want to. Without limits ( at least territorial ones) is the way we all should live. The poster uses a bycicle as a symbol of free movement, migrant workers, students, childs, mothers, and all people searching for a better way of living, the wheel of the bike is the world itself. So the message is clear, we all are looking and working for a better way of living, so we all must got the chance to reach it, as easy as riding a bike, and also if it implies go to another county...why deny us the opportunity?
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Freedom of Movement

In last year's brief we talked about "a world where boundaries are becoming less and less meaningful. Now more than ever, we are one people. No matter where we live, we are all equally powerless in the face of war or environmental disaster."


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