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Drugs directly related to the health and life of the people's health and safety, to ensure that drug safety is the largest livelihood. Drug is the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of human diseases and to regulate the physiological functions of human beings, and will have to adapt to the card or functional indications, usage and dosage of the material as a kind of special commodity, drug quality safety is directly related to people's health and life. In recent years "Qieryao event", Xinfu adverse drug events, Wusuli River of Shuanghuanglian injection lethal accidents not only show that our drug safety, there are many problems. More important is the loss of life to the people.
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Right to healthcare

poster for tomorrow, the international poster competition, is proud to announce the launch of its 2015 edition: Open Up! Universal access to healthcare now!

Every year poster for tomorrow chooses a basic human right to address. In 2015 it’s the universal right to healthcare


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