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My poster is defending the work rights for people with disabilities. The theme is based in an office; in specific, the Human Resource department. Near the door I placed an icon communicating ‘no disabled people allowed.’ I wanted to create a sense of irony as HR is the set of individuals who care for the workforce of an organisation. However, in this case they are unfair to disabled people. I also wanted to show that people are being used as a tool (resource) for an organization and their rights are fading away. I used hand written type ‘rights’ and placed it on top of ‘resources’ to show that someone physically came and wrote on top of the office door sign.
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Work Right!

We all have the right to work without discrimination or exploitation of our gender, age, nationality or physical condition. 

We all have the right to work for a wage that is fair reward for our labour and that will enable us to support ourselves and our families.

The right to work protects us from child labour, gender and age discrimination and exploitation in all its forms. It entitles us all to the same opportunities, benefits and protection from exploitation or malpractice.


Human Resources, Human Rights!


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