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This poster also uses a photograph of the low caste, the indigenous, and the homeless people who come to cities to find a living. They erect makeshift shelters on empty plots where they spend their days and nights. They usually do small jobs or beg in the cities to earn their livelihood. Unlike the first poster, the backdrop of this poster – the red brick structures – show the class differences between the two different abodes, along with the same details of the inhabitants’ lives portrayed in the first poster. This picture was taken at Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan.
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A Home For Everyone

Poster for tomorrow's 5th annual call for entries, campaigning for the universal right to housing.
‘Home’ means something different to all of us. The place where we grew up, the place where we live at the moment, the place we come to relax or entertain our friends. But for far too many people home remains a distant dream, as they try to eke out an existence in sub-standard accommodation or sleep rough on the streets.


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