To celebrate the 61st anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10, 2009, we organised 24 events across the world. The best 100 posters were part of a number of exhibitions in venues ranging from universities to art galleries and cultural centres. We wanted these events to be settings for purposeful meetings and debates to discuss the state of Human Rights and Freedom of Expression in today’s world.


Ankara, Turkey
Bilkent University 10-18.12.2009

Beirut, Lebanon
Lebanese American University 10-17.12.2009

Belgrade, Serbia
REX, Cultural Lab 10-14.12.2009

Brussels, Belgium
Libre Académie de Belgique 10-13.12.2009

Buenos Aires, Argentina
University of Buenos Aires 10-20.12.2009

Cheonan, South Korea
SangMyung University 10-13.12.2009

Derry, United Kingdom
University of Ulster 10.12.2009-08.01.2010

Gdansk, Poland
Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk 10-13.12.2009

Heidelberg, Germany
Theaterplatz, Heidelberg 10-18.12.2009

La Paz, Bolivia
Museo Nacional de Arte 10.12.2009-08.01.2010

Lima, Peru
Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola 10-15.12.2009

Lisbon, Portugal
Lx Factory 10-14.12.2009

Los Angeles, United States
Seyhoon Gallery 10-17.12.2009

Marrakesh, Morocco
Ecole Supérieure des Arts Visuels 10-25.12.2009

Milan, Italy
La Triennale di Milano 10-20.12.2009

Montreal, Canada
École de Design, UQAM 10-14.12.2009

Paris, France
Les Arts Décoratifs 10-13.12.2009

Quito, Ecuador
Universidad San Francisco de Quito 10.12.2009-10.1.2010

Sevilla, Spain
Facultad de Bellas Artes de Sevilla 10-17.12.2009

Stockholm, Sweden
Designens Hus 10-13.12.2009

Strasbourg, France
Agora Building, Council of Europe 10.12.2009-10.03.2010

Tbilisi, Georgia
French Embassy Cultural Center 10-19.12.2009

Vienna, Austria
designforum Wien, MuseumsQuartier 10-22.12.2009