Democracy Café


Democracy Cafés are public debates on democracy and human rights related topics.
The idea of organising these debates spawned from the fact that during our exhibitions and design workshops around the world we had the opportunity to meet a lot of people interested in promoting human rights and the democratic discourse, often directly involved in local level projects.
Our activities acted as a natural magnet for them, but we no tools to make something of their presence and interest.
It came natural to us to give them a time and space where to interact and be exposed to a larger public, something impossible in an exhibition environment and limited only to a small group of people when in a workshop setting.

What we did so far
The first series of Democracy Cafes was held in 2012. These debates were led through the help of the images from our contests, to give a base for discussion and help participants to find a way to express their feelings and ideas.
We started at Sarajevo Film Festival, and then touched Skopje Deign Week, Islamabad, Mumbai, Barcelona, Sofia, Athens and Madrid.
The second series of Democracy Cafes. in 2013, began in Bosnia-Herzegovina and touched Tunisia, Ukraine, Spain, Mexico, Chile and Germany.

What’s on for 2014
This year we are starting a new tour of Democracy Cafés. The first one will take place in Thessaloniki, Greece, on 4 April. We plan to have 8 in total.
Democracy Cafés are meant to be an open platform. We make our best to spread this initiative, hoping that it may be picked up by like-minded people around the world. In case you would like to organise one in your city, please get in touch with us.

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Democracy Café

Democracy Cafés are public debates on democracy and human rights related topics. They are an open platform for networking and exchanging new ideas around human rights issues campaigning.