After coming back from Sarajevo Film Festival, our very own Hervé noticed that our latest program, the Democracy Cafe, held there for the first time, provided a wonderful platform for networking and exchanging new ideas around human rights issues campaigning.

Skopje Democracy Cafe
The Skopje design week, held from 4 to 10 September 2012, seemed the ideal place to give another try to this formula.
Prepare for an afternoon of flaming debate and refreshing ideas at Kurshumli An, Museum of Macedonia on September 5th at 18.00
The debate will be moderated by Laze Tripkov and the participants will include Hervé and designer Ayse Karamustafa.

Freedom of Expression exhibition
As usual, we're not satisfied with ourselves unless we do something really exceptional, so we decided to use Skopje design week as an occasion to go back in time and show our best posters from the 2009 edition, "Freedom of Expression". The exhibition of the 100 best posters will be available for the whole duration of the event at Kurshumli An, Museum of Macedonia.

Draw me Democracy!
Last but not least, the design week audience seemed to be the perfect target for another session of our "Draw me Democracy!" workshops. So we decided to send there Ayse Karamustafa, jury member for the 2010 edition of Poster for Tomorrow, as she gracefully agreed to our request of holding there a workshop from 6 to 9 September.
So don't waste any more time: in case you happen to be there apply immediately to be part of the workshop! As always, it will be held free of charge.
Write us an email complete with full name, age, address, occupation at: