Google. The most important website (apart from ours) in the world. We’re trying to convince them to change their logo for 10/10/10, the World Day against the Death Penalty. 
Today we sent them a letter asking to support our cause. You can read it here. But to be able to convince them, we'll need your help.
So we’d like to ask you to create a logo especially for Google. You can use a poster you’ve already submitted to us as base, or do something completely new if you didn’t have the chance to participate to the poster competition. Each idea will be submitted to Google in support of our campaign.
We'll submit them all the logos we'll receive on the September the 21st, so the deadline for your entries in on September the 20th. If you can't make it on time, we encourage you to send your logo proposal on your own directly to Google.
To participate, just log in our website and scroll down in your account page to see the "Google for Tomorrow" button. Click on it and submit a proposal.
Be sure to use Google's official template as a base for your artwork. You can download the Google logo template from here.
Please read more about this initiative here.