With only just over a month to go, we are announcing our program for 10/10/10, the World Day against the Death Penalty and we're doing it with style using the poster that Alain Le Quernec has made for us. Please spread the love.

We have already confirmed exhibitions in New York, Paris, Brussels, Geneva, London, Sao Paolo, Beirut, Seoul and more than 30 other cities. You can see the complete list of the locations in our official press release. We’d like to thank the United Nations, the Council of Europe and the European Parliament for their help in putting these all together.
We’re still looking for further locations; if you’re interested please get in touch.
There are many other updates about the petition from the Community of Sant’Egidio and the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty that we're relaunching, on our exhibitions and music events and on how you can take part of it. If you're interested to know the details, we advise you to read the full press release pdf, which is available in other languages too. Look for the "latest press release" box on the left side of the screen.
The founding premise of poster for tomorrow is that we have strength in numbers. From today we hope to make that a stronger proposition by inviting you to become a member of poster for tomorrow. The more members we have, the more weight we have when talking to institutions, charities, governments, anyone and everyone. And the more we can get done.  
For thirty euros a year you receive a copy of catalogue and a range of discounts from our sponsors. But more importantly you’ll be helping ensure that we can carry on our work and keep on raising issues that matter in the public eye. Log in and find more details in your account page.