Draw Me Democracy is a series of poster design workshops organized by 4 tomorrow, the same association that founded and organized poster for tomorrow since 2009. This new project is one of the few global projects that UNDEF, the United Nation Democracy Fund, has ever financed.

The aim of DMD is to help young artists, designers and communication professionals in taking an active role in the democratic process and human rights advocacy initiatives in their own country. It aims to do so by helping them to find their inner creative voice and strengthening their knowledge in the fields of design, social communication and advocacy advertising.

In short, the workshops will empower today’s communicators to make them part of their country's future.

Some may call this plan too ambitious. We call it brave. We call it necessary.

Here are some details: next April and May, Draw Me Democracy will set-up and roll-out 12 workshops, all free of charge and held by outstanding professionals, in 12 cities across several countries in Africa and Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Would you like to take part in one of the workshops or are you just eager to know more? Check out the Draw me Democracy website and register online to one of the workshops.