We’re delighted to announce that poster for tomorrow received 2094 posters for this year’s competition. The quality was exceptionally high and we’d like to thank everyone who entered; we hope, and we think, that we’ve amassed a body of creative work that can be of real use in the movement towards abolition. 

We’d also like to thank the associations who helped us the most to promote the competition: FIDH, Council of Europe and World Coalition Against Death Penalty. Thank you all very much! 
The online jury will start their work in August, before the live jury selects the final 100 posters in Paris in September.  All the posters will be made public on 10/10/10. 
But we don’t stop there, it’s a good news day all round; we’re pleased to announce that we have exhibitions already confirmed in New York (with the support of the United Nations) and Brussels (with the support
of European Union).
There are already 25 locations around the world that agreed to hold poster for tomorrow exhibitions on 10/10/10. We'll let you know more about it in an official update that we'll release in a couple of days. There's lots of new initiatives coming up, so please stay tuned!