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I remember quite well when the migrant boat tragedy close to Lampedusa occurred in 2013. It happened regularly before, but since then the international media and therefore a wider range of people realised the dimension, the situation of despair of people risking their lives to cross into Europe fleeing from conflicts, instability, poverty and hopelessness. Migration as a central issue during the last years after the economic crises opened up a new discourse about diversity and integration as one topic among „human rights and how to deal with refugees“. I hope that especially people from well fare states realise that a lot is made out of where you´ve been born and created etc., and through global media we can´t close our eyes in front of all the injustice happening around the world. At the moment there the extreme right wing party in Austrian´s government which is a disaster. But there is the hope that there will be a good dialog in 2018 and that people awake and realise there is no need to be afraid but need to get involved, in touch with their own sphere of influence in which they can make a difference, as a consumer, as a civil citizen, as a friend. There are no easy solutions but people´s lives suffering every day, and it is happening in front of our homes while at the same time people support the right wing parties mostly „strong men“ cause they promise everything under the sun as long as they can built walls again. Whose fault is it then when our planet is warming up more and more? Men on boats?
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