We are pleased to announce that this year’s call for entries, “Work Right!”, is now officially open. The brief is available for download in a number of languages, and more translations will be added soon.  

You have until Thursday the 10th July to enter the contest and submit your poster entries through our website. Read the full contest regulations, or have a look at our "How to Enter" and "FAQ" pages to know how to take part to the competition.

If you’d like to help to get the word out, please print the beautifully illustrated Call for Entries poster by Mauro Gatti and stick it on your classroom or office wall, thank you!
Gatti will be one of the ten jury members for this year edition, together with jury chairman David Tartakover. Tartakover has a long history of involvement with politics and social causes, dating back to his 1978 “Peace Now!” logo.

To commemorate the first five editions of the contest - and all the talented designers we’ve discovered in this time - the rest of the jurors have been selected amongst our ‘heroes’ whose posters have been been selected as the best of our previous editions. You can meet them on the Jury page.

There's a lot more we'd like to inform you about our plans for this year. In case you can't wait to know, please download and read the Call for Entry press release. In any case you'll see it coming your way very soon!