We are pleased to announce that our 2016 call for entries, "Make Extremism History” is officially open. Now, you have until Sunday the 10th July to enter the contest and submit your poster entries to our website.

The full brief is also available for download in more than 20 languages at this URL:

Once more, We would like to thank, Jean Jullien for his artwork made for poster for tomorrow. A very special thanks to Riccaro Guasco for his involvement in our 2016 campaign.
Here is a link taking you to his website, allowing you admire his work. This is a part of what he wrote on his recent post about his illustration:

... You will find 2 men, hand in hand representing different phases, one is red, who raises always his voice and wants always to win, no matter if the price is to use force while the other, rose, to whom if you give a hand, that can change the world.
Get busy!