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A group of friends, boys or girls, are having a dinner party while each one of them is checking messages in their mobile phones without saying a word to one another, leaving the dishes untouched.We are informed that this is a gathering in the era of mobile phone. Undoubtedly, the phone provides us with considerable convenience, making many things possible which are beyond our dreams. As a communication tool, the phone makes us closer than ever before by providing immediate communication. Meanwhile, there are negative effects on our personal life. As is shown in the picture, people are imprisoned in their own world! They choose contacting online rather than communicating face to face. Accordingly, enjoying the convenience provided by the phones, we should bear in mind that human beings are social beings who need real interpersonal interactions! Joint efforts are needed to ensure people to have face-to-face communication!
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Welcome to our 2018 edition!
It will be a year of significant change for us: the final edition of our poster contest in its current form. You can find the reasons for this decision here, together with the announcement of this year's them. On a practical level, the schedule for the poster contest has condensed into seven months.


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